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          Donnici, Lupo, and Charles Lane (Schwartz’s law partner) held               
          equal shares of the stock of Bedford Management Group, Inc.                 
               During 1987, the central management organization was                   
          reappraised, and it was decided that the considerable growth in             
          the business and increasing competition intensified the need for            
          a coordinating body that could continue to project and maintain             
          the DHL worldwide network with uniform operational and service              
          standards.  In 1988, DHL established the Worldwide Coordination             
          Center (WHQ) in Belgium.  Three superregions were established,              
          each with its own chief executive officer (CEO). Po Chung was CEO           
          for the Asia Pacific region; Patrick Foley, DHL’s CEO, was CEO              
          for North and South America; and Robert Kuijpers was CEO for                
          Europe, the United Kingdom, and Africa.                                     
               WHQ was to direct, support, and advise the regions, to                 
          supervise compliance with global policies, and to ensure that the           
          regions adopted a consistent approach to key issues.  It had                
          responsibility for establishing strategy, coordinating resource             
          allocation, and supporting and advising regional management,                
          including coordinating with DHL, to ensure that operating                   
          procedures and service levels established centrally or recognized           
          as best demonstrated practice were used throughout the DHL                  
          network.  A Worldwide Services Department was also established to           
          be responsible for directing and coordinating the integration of            
          operations and marketing initiatives across regions; coordinating           

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