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          senior managers representing DHLI and DHL, who met three or four            
          times a year to exchange information and discuss operational                
          issues of common interest.  The companies that made up the entire           
          DHL network were at all times, through September 1992, controlled           
          by common interests.                                                        
               In 1974, Hillblom hired Peter J. Donnici (Donnici), a lawyer           
          and law professor, to represent DHL in the CAB matter.  About               
          that time, Hillblom asked Donnici to establish a law office in              
          Donnici’s name and to continue to represent DHL.  L. Patrick Lupo           
          (Lupo), a law student of Donnici’s, was employed to assist in the           
          CAB litigation.  After graduation from law school, Lupo was named           
          general counsel of DHL.  A few years later, Donnici and Lupo                
          formed a law partnership that eventually became known as Donnici,           
          Kerwin & Donnici.  DHL was the firm’s primary client, and it also           
          did legal work for DHLI and DHL shareholders.  Donnici became               
          Hillblom’s business and general legal adviser and consultant on             
          major business decisions.  Donnici and Hillblom were also                   
          personal friends.  DHL, and at one point DHLI, paid expenses of             
          the Donnici law firm, including rent, overhead, and all salaries.           
               In the early 1980’s, Donnici received DHL shares for his               
          past work for DHL, a third of which he gave to Lupo for work he             
          had done.  Donnici was also a director of DHL from the early                
          1980’s until the early 1990’s.  While a director of DHL, Donnici            
          received a retainer from DHLI in the amount of $48,000 per year.            

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