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               After the transfer of DHLI stock to Po Chung and nominees,             
          DHLI was used for foreign operations and DHL for domestic.  DHL             
          Operations B.V. (Ops B.V.) was incorporated in the Netherlands on           
          August 13, 1979, as a wholly owned subsidiary of DHLI.  When                
          Robinson and Allen formed the Australia station under the name              
          Document Handling Limited, Australia, Robinson was a DHL employee           
          who had invested his own funds in this business.  The business              
          founded by Robinson and Allen eventually became known as                    
          Middlestown, N.V., a Netherlands Antilles company (MNV)                     
          incorporated on June 26, 1979.  For most of the period 1974                 
          through September 1992, DHLI, its subsidiary, Ops B.V., and MNV             
          were the controlling and operational entities of the                        
          international portion of the DHL delivery network.                          
               For the period beginning in 1972 and extending into 1992,              
          DHL was responsible for handling the courier business inside the            
          United States, and DHLI was responsible for handling the courier            
          business outside the United States.  Each company serviced                  
          shipments that were:  Solely within its jurisdiction; from its              
          jurisdiction that were bound for destinations outside its                   
          jurisdiction; and received from outside its jurisdiction with               
          destination points inside its jurisdiction.  DHL would also                 
          handle shipments from outside its jurisdiction that were merely             
          passing through DHL’s jurisdiction on the way to another                    
          destination that was outside DHL’s jurisdiction.                            

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Last modified: May 25, 2011