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          foreign countries. Caisley rendered an opinion regarding DHLI’s             
          ownership of the DHL trademark in December 1990 when he was not             
          yet aware of the 1974 MOA and its amendments.  The cost of these            
          trademark registrations was borne by DHLI.  DHLI protected the              
          DHL trademark against infringement outside the United States.               
          Outside the United States, DHLI also took responsibility and bore           
          the cost of protecting the DHL trademark, including disputes with           
          terminated agents relating to trademark usage.                              
               The DHL name had been protected under U.S. trademark law               
          since 1969 and the DHL logo since 1977.  From 1978 until 1992,              
          DHL or its subsidiaries were the registered owners of the DHL               
          trademark in the United States, and they bore the costs of                  
          obtaining those U.S. registrations.  In July 1986, an employee in           
          the Argentina office asked a DHL employee for permission to alter           
          the design of the logo used in Argentina.  An MRI employee was              
          asked to handle the matter, with the request that he direct each            
          country manager to place next to the DHL logo a registration                
          symbol showing that the logo was a registered trademark of DHL.             
          In August 1988, DHL learned that the registrations of the DHL               
          trademark outside the United States failed to reflect DHL’s                 
          interest in the trademark and the agreement set forth in the 1974           
               Margaret Phillips, an attorney in the Donnici law firm, and            
          Cruikshanks discussed a revised trademark license agreement                 
          between DHL and DHLI setting forth DHL’s ownership of the DHL               

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