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          cargo.  There were also agreements concerning customer service              
          procedures, methods for taking and handling customer calls,                 
          booking shipments, responding to service requests, dealing with             
          standard inquiries, managing large accounts, responding to                  
          complaints, and tracking or tracing shipments.  Similar                     
          operational standards existed for the network’s ground                      
          operations, gateway operations, and hub procedures.  The 1990               
          agency agreement, in part, attempted to gather these procedures             
          and agreements into a single document.                                      
          IV.  Development and Use of the DHL Trademark and Logo                      
               During the early development of the delivery network, the              
          “DHL” name was generally used, but no standard trademark or logo            
          was used.  In the late 1970’s, DHLI commissioned and paid for the           
          design of the first standardized DHL logo, which was then used by           
          the entire DHL network.  In later years, DHL and DHLI cooperated            
          on a project to modernize the DHL logo and to develop a Corporate           
          Identity Manual explaining the use of the redesigned logo, all of           
          which was cooperatively funded.                                             
               Beginning in 1977, DHL began the process of registering the            
          DHL trademark.  Several different trademarks or logos have been             
          registered, including “DHL”, “DHL Flyer”, “DHL Worldwide Courier            
          Express”, and “DHL Worldwide Package Express”.  DHL bore the cost           
          for registering the DHL trademark in the United States.                     
               Ops B.V. and DHLI entered into an agreement on August 13,              
          1979, stating:  (1) DHL was the “registered proprietor” of the              

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