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          name “DHL” and used that name in its business in the United                 
          States; (2) DHLI licensed the name “DHL” from DHL and carried on            
          business as a document courier on a worldwide basis; and (3)                
          DHLI, with DHL’s consent, appointed Ops B.V. as its agent to                
          establish and improve the network throughout the world, excluding           
          the United States.  On November 15, 1980, DHLI and Ops B.V.                 
          executed a “Variation Agreement” modifying the 1979 agreement               
          with DHL’s consent.                                                         
               Geoffrey Cruikshanks (Cruikshanks) was hired in 1982 as                
          legal counsel for the DHLI portion of the DHL network.  On August           
          1, 1983, Cruikshanks asked Lupo if DHL would sell DHLI the rights           
          to the DHL trademark outside the United States.  Lupo responded             
          that the worldwide rights to the trademark could not be sold                
          without DHL board of directors and shareholder approval, but the            
          rights for DHLI to use the trademark only in Central America                
          could be transferred for $100,000.  DHL transferred the Central             
          America trademark rights to DHLI for $100,000.                              
               In 1983, Cruikshanks undertook a worldwide registration                
          program of the DHL trademark.  Although Cruikshanks had been                
          advised in April 1983 by the DHL general counsel that the DHL               
          name should be reflected in connection with the registrations               
          worldwide, that was not done.  Cruikshanks hired John Caisley               
          (Caisley) to register the trademark.  Caisley was not informed              
          about the 1974 MOA and DHL’s agreement with DHLI concerning the             
          DHL trademark, and he registered it in DHLI’s name in various               

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