Gaylon L. Harrell - Page 6

               what you want to file, okay, rather than my reading things             
               out and you’re trying to catch on the fly what I’m saying.             
                    MR. HARRELL:  (Perusing documents.)  That’s correct,              
               Your Honor.  The entire package.                                       
                    THE COURT:  Is your --                                            
                    MR. HARRELL:  That’s correct.                                     
                    THE COURT:  All right.  Mr. Clerk, would you file                 
               Petitioner’s trial memorandum with the attached materials?             

          The series of items that petitioner thus filed as his trial                 
          memorandum is 44 pages long; it is essentially an argument that             
          Federal Reserve Notes are not money and that they do not have any           
               The documents that petitioner filed in the instant case, and           
          petitioner’s testimony, include the following:                              
               Petitioner did in fact receive payment for services actually           
               rendered in a fair market value exchange * * * not                     
               comprising taxable income, said acts performed under the               
               Unalienable rights to life, liberty, pursue happiness and              
               acquire property, with labor being property.  [Am. PTN, p.2,           
               [F]ailure by the Respondent to recognize the Unalienable               
               Rights of the Petitioner and the Fair Market Value Exchange            
               of his labor * * * would amount to a denial of due process             
               and constitutional and civil rights violations.  [Am. PTN,             
               p.2, par.11]                                                           
                    Petitioner has made a direct challenge to the                     
               jurisdiction of the Commissioner * * *.  [2d Am. PTN, p.4,             
               All Federal Reserve Notes were NOT redeemable in any lawful            
               money of the United States.  [P’s resp. to ST., p.2, par.19]           
                    Federal Reserve Notes have never been considered by               
               Congress or the Constitution to be Constitutional Money.               
               [P’s resp. to ST., p.2, par.20]                                        

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Last modified: May 25, 2011