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                    The issue that I want to bring forth is the Federal               
               Reserve notes that circulate as dollars today are not                  
               dollars, and I didn’t receive dollars.  And I still stand              
               and believe that I had no duty to report to the Federal                
               Government my receipt or my expenditures of Federal Reserve            
               notes.  Federal Reserve notes are not legal tender, * * *              
               Federal Reserve notes do not conform to the purported                  
               guidelines of their issuance, * * *.  The founding fathers             
               never intended for anything but dollars representing a                 
               parity of gold or silver content in fineness and weight as             
               defined by the Coinage Act of 1792.  [TR 30, lines 12-25; TR           
               31, lines 1-2]                                                         
               At the end of the trial the Court described the role of                
          post-trial briefs, stressed the importance of proposed findings             
          of fact, and emphasized that each proposed finding of fact                  
          “should state where in the record is the basis for this proposed            
          finding of fact.”                                                           
               Petitioner’s proposed findings of fact, in their entirety,             
          are as follows:                                                             
                     PETITIONER’S REQUEST FOR FINDING FACT [sic]                      
                    1.  Throughout the year 1993, or any other year,                  
               petitioner was not involuntarily obligated to file a federal           
               income tax return, returning a portion of the unredeemable             
               Federal Reserve notes to respondent and its issuer the                 
               United States.                                                         
                    2.  Because petitioner was not obligated to file this             
               return to the obligator in the first instance, fraudulent              
               penalties in denominational amounts of unredeemable Federal            
               Reserve notes should not be levied against the petitioner in           
               accordance with � 6673 or any other internal revenue law for           
               that matter.                                                           
               Petitioner has been before this and other courts on income             
          tax matters on numerous occasions, as shown in table 1.                     
                                       Table 1                                        
          Harrell I                                                                   

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