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                       Whenever any wire or oral communication                        
                  has been intercepted, no part of the contents                       
                  of such communication and no evidence derived                       
                  therefrom may be received in evidence in any                        
                  trial, hearing, or other proceeding in or                           
                  before any court, grand jury, department,                           
                  officer, agency, regulatory body, legislative                       
                  committee, or other authority of the United                         
                  States, a State, or a political subdivision                         
                  thereof if the disclosure of that information                       
                  would be in violation of this chapter.                              

             According to petitioners, the disclosure of the intercepted              
             communications in these proceedings is contrary to 18                    
             U.S.C. section 2517(5) and, thus, it would be in "violation              
             of this chapter" (i.e., 18 U.S.C. sections 2510-2522).                   
                  Title 18 U.S.C. section 2517(5) provides as follows:                

                       When an investigative or law enforcement                       
                  officer, while engaged in intercepting wire,                        
                  oral, or electronic communications in the manner                    
                  authorized herein, intercepts wire, oral, or                        
                  electronic communications relating to offenses                      
                  other than those specified in the order of                          
                  authorization or approval, the contents thereof,                    
                  and evidence derived therefrom, may be disclosed                    
                  or used as provided in subsections (1) and (2)                      
                  of this section.  Such contents and any evidence                    
                  derived therefrom may be used under subsection                      
                  (3) of this section when authorized or approved                     
                  by a judge of competent jurisdiction where such                     
                  judge finds on subsequent application that the                      
                  contents were otherwise intercepted in accordance                   
                  with the provisions of this chapter.  Such                          
                  application shall be made as soon as practicable.                   

             Petitioners contend that the intercepted communications                  
             relate "to offenses other than those specified in the order              

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