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          container itself.  Essentially, the liner is a large plastic bag            
          which conforms to the interior dimensions of the intermodal                 
          container.  The liner is attached to a bulkhead which acts as a             
          sidewall and holds the cargo in the container, and which contains a         
          portal through which the cargo is loaded and unloaded.  After               
          installation and inflation of the liner system inside the container,        
          cargo can then be conveyed into the container.  The container is            
          then transported by rail, truck, or ship.                                   
               Powertex currently manufacturers three principal types of              
          intermodal container liner systems.                                         
               B.  The Hideliner                                                      
               One of Powertex’s earliest products consisted of an intermodal         
          container liner system known as the hideliner.  During the 1970's,          
          Mr. Podd became acquainted with several employees of Sea-Land               
          Service, Inc., (Sea-Land), a company engaged in the commercial              
          transportation business.  Sea-Land shipped raw green animal hides           
          packed in salt.  The hides released contaminating fluids which,             
          combined with the salt, had a caustic effect on the containers in           
          which they were shipped.  In response to this problem, Mr. Podd             
          developed the hideliner (also known as the powerliner) to be used           
          for shipping raw green animal hides.                                        
               Essentially, the hideliner consists of a base sheet of foam            
          material and a top cover sheet of polymeric material which is bonded        
          to the base sheet, and which extends over at least a portion of the         

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