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               Initial testing of the Sea Bulk liner supplied by Powertex             
          began in late 1985 and early 1986 at Amoco's Cooper River plant.            
          The Powertex plant at Rouses Point, New York, manufactured the test         
          liner.  Mr. Podd worked closely with Mr. Rakar, Mr. Sommer, and Mr.         
          Hall in testing and modifying the liner in order to meet Amoco's            
          needs.  Initially, the Sea Bulk liner was modified by providing a           
          center discharge opening in order to fit the unloading equipment of         
          Amoco's customers.  The liner was inadequate for unloading PTA,             
          however, due to its poor flow characteristics, which resulted in the        
          product's gathering in the corners and tearing of the liner when            
          discharging.  In order to remedy the problem, Amoco hired                   
          contractors to install wooden triangles in the rear corners of the          
          container by nailing them to the bracing attached to the container          
          walls and floor.                                                            
               During early 1986, Amoco asked Powertex to develop a liner and         
          bulkhead compatible with Amoco's loading and unloading equipment and        
          to modify the liner bulkheads to display the words "Amoco" and              
          "PTA".  On January 3, 1986, and March 5, 1986, Mr. Sommer sent              
          letters to Powertex recommending changes in the dimensions for the          
          inlet and outlet openings located in the liner bulkhead.  From March        
          1986, through the following several months, Amoco and Powertex              
          personnel continued to test and modify the liner.  During that              
          period, the liner was modified by attaching the triangles to the            
          rear bulkhead.  The size and dimensions of the triangles were               
          subsequently modified to facilitate the discharge of the PTA.               

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