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          separating the liner from the bulkhead, thereby allowing the                
          triangles to function without tearing the liner when the PTA was            
          unloaded.  Mr. Sommer and other Amoco engineers worked closely with         
          Powertex in determining the proper size and shape of the triangles.         
               On October 16, 1986, Mr. Podd filed a patent application with          
          the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for an intermodal container            
          liner system, the key features of which include a prefabricated,            
          collapsible bulkhead that is easily installed in an intermodal              
          container.  Another important feature is the provision for hinged,          
          triangular corner members designed to funnel the cargo towards a            
          center discharge opening, thus preventing the product from gathering        
          in the corners of the container upon unloading.                             
               During late 1986, Amoco increased its purchases of the modified        
          liner as the initial testing had been completed.  During November           
          1986, Powertex shipped liners to Amoco's Belgian plant for testing.         
          Amoco was not satisfied with those liners because they employed             
          cardboard triangles which bowed under the weight of the product,            
          thereby leaving approximately 150 pounds of PTA in the liner                
          corners.  After that test, additional improvements were made to the         
          liner to meet the needs of Amoco's customers, including modifying           
          the bracing system, outlet spout, and size and slope of the                 
          triangles.  During August 1987, Amoco chose Powertex as its sole            
          source of intermodal container liners because (1) Powertex and Amoco        
          had developed a good working relationship; (2) Powertex sold its            
          liners at a reasonable price; and (3) Powertex had agreed to build a        

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