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               On April 22, 1986, Mr. Podd, as president of Powertex, wrote to        
          Attorney Kenneth L. King of the law firm Scully, Scott, Murphy &            
          Presser in Garden City, New York, to request that the firm represent        
          him and Powertex in filing patent applications for the inventions           
          resulting from the modifications which had been made to the Sea Bulk        
          liner in order to ship PTA.                                                 
               During June 1986, further changes were made to the liner based         
          upon tests conducted at Amoco's Belgian plant, which included               
          improving the triangular diagonals to ensure that the liner fell            
          into place against the walls and floor of the container, installing         
          bungee cords on the sides of the liner, and adding bracing at the           
          rear bulkhead to prevent it from bulging upon discharge.                    
               During July 1986, Powertex supplied Amoco with 2 or 3 modified         
          liners which were loaded with PTA and shipped to Amoco's customers          
          in Taiwan.  Upon unloading, however, the liners completely failed,          
          resulting in total loss of the PTA shipment.  During July and August        
          of 1986, several modified liners supplied by Powertex were loaded           
          with PTA and shipped to Amoco's customers in Hong Kong and Taiwan.          
          Those liners also failed to unload properly, however, because               
          several hundred pounds of PTA remained inside the container.                
               In response to such problems, the liner was modified by (1)            
          changing the angles of the triangles to allow the PTA to more easily        
          flow out upon unloading; (2) removing the front bulkhead and                
          replacing it with a wooden nailing strip laminated to the liner; (3)        
          adding "shake-out straps" to assist in removing the PTA; and (4)            

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