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          Hyatt Domestic.  These licensed marks were:  “Hyatt House                    
          Hotels”, “H. H. & Designs”, and “Hyatt Lodges & Design”.  Hyatt              
          Domestic granted to HIC the exclusive license to use the marks               
          outside the United States and its territories and possessions,               
          the nonexclusive license to use the marks in Hawaii, Alaska, and             
          the U.S. territories and possessions, and the nonexclusive                   
          license to use the marks on printed matter, brochures, and                   
          similar products throughout the world.  The agreement also                   
          allowed HIC to grant sublicenses to any entity in which it owned             
          at least a 50-percent interest.  HIC agreed that the standards of            
          services and the quality of products bearing a mark would be at              
          least equivalent to those adopted or used by Hyatt Domestic.  HIC            
          agreed to pay Hyatt Domestic $10,000 upon execution of the                   
          agreement, plus $10,000 for each new hotel operated under the                
          name “Hyatt”.  The expenses of trademark and name registration in            
          foreign jurisdictions were the responsibility of HIC as were the             
          costs of any foreign trademark infringement litigation.  The                 
          agreement was signed twice by Jay Pritzker, once as president of             
          Hyatt Domestic and a second time as president of HIC.                        
               On October 22, 1971, Hyatt Domestic authorized HIC to use               
          the “Regency” name in addition to the “Hyatt” name licensed under            
          the 1968 agreement.  The previously established $10,000 fee per              
          hotel, however, was not changed.  On September 24, 1976, the list            

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