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          of marks licensed was expanded to include various logo designs,              
          advertising slogans, restaurants, and other “Hyatt” names.                   
          II.  Organizational Structure8                                               
               The first international hotel property managed by the Hyatt             
          International group was an entity that became known as the Hyatt             
          Regency Hong Kong.  The owners and HIC entered into a management             
          agreement dated June 7, 1969.  Generally, the agreement followed             
          the form used by Hilton International, and the name “Hyatt” was              
          substituted for the name “Hilton”.  On October 28, 1969, Hyatt of            
          Hong Kong (HHK) was incorporated in Hong Kong as a wholly owned              
          subsidiary of HIC, and on October 30, 1969, HIC assigned its                 
          interest in the management agreement for the Hyatt Regency Hong              
          Kong to HHK.  Mr. di Tullio hired Brian Bryce from Hilton                    
          International to be the Hyatt Regency Hong Kong’s general manager            
          and the senior vice president of HHK.  The Hyatt Regency Hong                
          Kong began operations in November 1969, using the Hilton                     
          International registration forms as a model.  Other members of               
          the Hyatt Regency Hong Kong executive committee staff were hired             
          from Hilton International, including Ken Mullins, Bernd                      
          Chorengel, Larry Tchou, and David Chan.                                      

               8  Although the Hyatt International group consisted of                  
          numerous legal entities, we limit our description to a sufficient            
          number of representative examples in order to provide an                     
          understanding of the group structure.                                        

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