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          owner also chooses the basic image that the hotel property will              
          project.  The hotel architects receive design manuals and an area            
          program describing in great detail how the Hyatt International               
          group believes the hotel layout should blend with the management             
          agreement.  The architects, however, are generally free to design            
          the hotel according to their experience and imagination, combined            
          with the focus and intent of the owner.  The project manager is              
          the hotel owner’s on-site construction liaison, serving as the               
          link between the owner and the Hyatt International group.                    
               It takes about 3 to 4 years to develop a hotel.  The amount             
          of design consulting provided by the Hyatt International group               
          varied depending on the particular hotel, the nature of the Hyatt            
          International group’s relationship with the hotel owner, and the             
          owner’s requirements, and budget.  Though not all hotels choose              
          to utilize IPS’ consulting services in the facility design, the              
          Hyatt International group generally provided guidelines,                     
          concepts, and recommendations throughout the process; it                     
          established performance criteria and minimum requirements for                
          each hotel.  The design manuals provided to each hotel                       
          owner/developer outlined the standards established by the Hyatt              
          International group for the property.  The standards were based              
          on service characteristics and the scope of operations of each               
          hotel; that is, the number of food and beverage outlets and                  

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