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               The director of sales and/or marketing was responsible for              
          bringing in customers to the hotel, and was usually engaged about            
          6 to 9 months prior to a hotel’s opening in order to analyze the             
          business traveling pattern of the city and locate likely sources             
          of business.  Room revenues were usually derived from independent            
          travelers, tourists, incentive groups and tours, corporate rate              
          guests, and special rate guests, such as airline crews.  The                 
          hotel had to find the appropriate market mix and aggressively                
          pursue new guest and customer markets in order to be successful,             
          remaining flexible and responding to any market shifts.  Some of             
          the business was generated locally from companies and local                  
          travel agents.  The director of sales/marketing and the general              
          manager were responsible for negotiating with local companies and            
          travel agents and qualifying them for special rates in exchange              
          for the guaranty of a certain number of room nights.                         
               Marketing performed by individual hotels differs from chain-            
          service marketing.  For chain marketing, the strengths of a                  
          particular property may be featured, but the overall purpose is              
          to promote the global chain.  For example, Hyatt International               
          group’s brochures may focus on a single hotel, but also provide              
          reservation information for other Hyatt International hotels and             
          publicize one or more Hyatt International hotels in the same                 
          area.  Establishing a local presence was the general manager’s               

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