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          for hotels was used by all Hyatt International hotels.  Thousands            
          of transactions can take place during any given day.  For                    
          example, if a 500-room hotel is 80 percent occupied with an                  
          average of two occupants per room and each occupant purchases one            
          meal in the hotel per day, a total of 1,200 transactions takes               
          place during the day (400 rooms plus 800 food and beverage                   
          transactions).  Each guest can generate additional transactions              
          by using the laundry, making purchases at the sundry store, and              
          using the business center, telephone, or health club.  Financial             
          controls at the local hotel level and its effect on the chain                
          operation are extremely important.                                           
               The operational personnel consisted of individuals who                  
          worked in nonexecutive hotel positions and reported to executive             
          committee members; e.g., front desk clerks, banquet captains,                
          restaurant waiters, bartenders, and maintenance personnel.  The              
          operational personnel represented the largest human resource                 
          group in the Hyatt International group.  Recommendations                     
          regarding the compensation of staff were made by the executive               
          committee and approved by the general manager.                               
               The hotel general manager and executive committee were                  
          largely responsible for preopening activities, although certain              
          preopening responsibilities were undertaken at the divisional                
          level.  Included in successful preopening management activities              
          were:  Overall planning, staffing, setting up the physical plant,            

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