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          manager appointments; and legal, economic, and political risks.              
          Owners relinquished day-to-day operations of the hotel to the                
          general manager and other members of the hotel’s executive                   
               While the general manager was principally responsible for               
          hotel management, the general manager relied upon the hotel                  
          executive committee for operational and strategic support.  The              
          executive committee typically consisted of five to eight people:             
          Including the key department heads in the hotel, including the               
          resident manager; directors of rooms, food and beverage, human               
          resources, engineering, and sales/marketing; the executive chef;             
          and the financial controller.                                                
               The general manager was responsible for recruiting                      
          personnel, setting pay rates, labor union negotiations, and                  
          conducting the initial training.  The general manager was                    
          assisted in these matters by the Hyatt International group                   
          management subsidiaries.  The hotel’s director of human resources            
          was responsible for the actual hiring of the operational                     
          personnel and had to be aware of and sensitive to local working              
          conditions, labor laws, religious and cultural mores, which                  
          differ from hotel to hotel.  The director of human resource                  
          positions were filled through the coordinated efforts of the                 
          general manager and the divisional director of human resources.              

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