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               HIC coordinated the sales and marketing activities of its               
          subsidiaries, including the worldwide sales and reservations                 
          offices, which fall under the responsibilities of the area                   
          marketing directors.  The marketing vice president coordinated               
          the consistency of hotel advertising and graphic design and                  
          conducted third-party marketing efforts with major airlines,                 
          credit card companies, and travel consortia.  Hotel marketing                
          staff, however, wrote the advertising text, and individual local             
          hotels paid for advertising costs out of their own budgets.                  
               The hotel operations vice president supervised HIC office               
          functions, including marketing, personnel, food and beverage                 
          planning, and systems analysis.  It was this vice president’s                
          responsibility, and that of HIC generally, to set standards of               
          service, but not to manage the hotels.  This vice president                  
          received and reviewed the various hotel reports, including                   
          budgets and monthly reports of activity.  He reviewed, discussed,            
          and made suggestions concerning these reports throughout all                 
          organizational levels of the Hyatt International group.  In                  
          accord with Hyatt International group operations, hotel and area             
          staff initiated and implemented the management plans, with HIC               
          providing final approval or mediating differences between hotels             
          or geographical areas on various topics, such as staff transfers.            
          HIC also maintained a food and beverage department that                      

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Last modified: May 25, 2011