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          incentive compensation was measured by objective (operational                
          performance) and subjective evaluation by HIC personnel.                     
               The performance of general managers and executive committees            
          was considered to be good for most local personnel matters in the            
          Hyatt International group.  Training, on the other hand, was an              
          area in which they did not perform as well.  General managers and            
          executive committees did not have access to effective “off-the-              
          shelf” training material, and they did not have sufficient                   
          resources or time to develop adequate in-house local personnel               
          training programs.  To remedy this, Hyatt International provided             
          the “Training for your future” program that was offered to hotel             
          employees worldwide beginning in 1985.                                       
               Hyatt International group developed hotel management and                
          operation policy and procedures manuals.  HIC acted as a                     
          clearinghouse for the preparation of the manuals, and portions               
          were written by area specialists and hotel staff.  HIC was                   
          responsible for the distribution of manuals to new hotels and for            
          asking the field for updates.  After updates were prepared, HIC              
          coordinated the updates and distributed them to the appropriate              
          hotels.  General managers were responsible for their respective              
          hotel’s operating manuals, the food and beverage directors were              
          responsible for their departmental manuals, and the chefs were               
          responsible for their own menus and recipes.                                 

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