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               HIC issued a pro forma letter stating that the manuals are              
          guidelines and that the standards are not intended to be rigidly             
          applied by every hotel in every instance.  These guidelines                  
          served as minimum specifications, essentially providing the Hyatt            
          International group with a way to withdraw from a project without            
          liability if the specifications are not met.  The guidelines were            
          developed over a period of years and contain a compendium of                 
          Hyatt institutional experience.  HIC also provided hotel                     
          equipment standards books containing the detail of the items                 
          needed to stock and furnish the hotel exclusive of the guest                 
          rooms, public areas, and major kitchen equipment.  At least one              
          volume of the three-volume book of equipment standards had to be             
          customized for a particular hotel.                                           
               A significant strength of the Hyatt International group was             
          its capability to provide the hotel owner with an assembled work             
          force, including senior management, general managers, and behind             
          the scenes or back room service hotel personnel.  Hyatt                      
          International group’s senior management consisted of HIC’s senior            
          executives, including the president and chief executive officer              
          as well as a number of vice presidents with functional                       
          responsibilities for legal matters, finances, marketing,                     
          technical services, and human resources.  It also included HIC               
          executives in charge of geographic regions, such as senior vice              
          presidents and their directors with functional responsibilities.             

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Last modified: May 25, 2011