Estate of Floy M. Christensen - Page 3

                                        - 3 -                                         
          exercised her power to withdraw for 1996.  As of the date of                
          decedent’s death, the value of the trust equaled $1,535,950.58.             
               On August 15, 1984, decedent executed a durable power of               
          attorney (decedent’s power of attorney) by which she appointed              
          Mr. Christensen and Louise M. Hastie (Ms. Hastie), her daughter,            
          as her attorneys in fact.  (For convenience, we shall sometimes             
          refer to Mr. Christensen and Ms. Hastie as decedent’s children.)            
          Decedent’s power of attorney provided in pertinent part:                    
                    (1)  Powers.  The Attorneys in Fact, as fiducia-                  
               ries, shall have all the powers of absolute ownership                  
               and control of all assets and liabilities of the Prin-                 
               cipal, whether located within or without the State of                  
               Washington, the same as are possessed by the Principal,                
               including, but not limited to, the power (i) to convey,                
               transfer, encumber or otherwise deal in any way in                     
               connection with real property, securities and bank                     
               accounts owned by the Principal, and (ii) to do all                    
               acts granted trustees by the Washington Trust Act of                   
               1959 and any amendments thereto (which powers are                      
               incorporated herein by this reference).                                
                    (2)  Effectiveness and Duration.  This Power of                   
               Attorney shall become effective immediately and shall                  
               not be affected by the disability of the Principal.                    
          Decedent’s power of attorney did not specifically grant dece-               
          dent’s children the power to transfer decedent’s property by                
               On September 30, 1994, decedent moved into Cascade Vista               
          Convalescent Center (Cascade Vista) located in Redmond, Washing-            
          ton, where she remained until she died.  Upon her admission to              
          Cascade Vista, decedent was diagnosed with various ailments,                
          including progressive dementia.  From at least September 30,                

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Last modified: May 25, 2011