Estate of Floy M. Christensen - Page 13

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          the depositors in proportion to the net funds owned by each                 
          depositor (unless the contract of deposit provides otherwise or             
          there is clear and convincing evidence of a contrary intent at              
          the time the account was created).  In the instant case, the                
          parties stipulated that at all times decedent owned all of the              
          funds deposited in the Seafirst joint account.  The estate also             
          accurately indicates that Wash. Rev. Code Ann. sec. 30.22.140               
          (West 1986) (RCWA 30.22.140) permits a financial institution to             
          make payments of funds on deposit in an account having two or               
          more depositors to or for any one or more of the depositors named           
          on the account without regard to the actual ownership of the                
          funds by or between the depositors.                                         
               Moreover, Wash. Rev. Code Ann. sec. 30.22.120 (West 1986)              
          (RCWA 30.22.120) permits a financial institution, in making                 
          payments of funds deposited in an account, to rely conclusively             
          and entirely upon the form of the account and the terms of the              
          contract of deposit at the time the payments are made.  RCWA                
          30.22.120 does not require a financial institution to inquire as            
          to (1) either the source or the ownership of any funds received             
          for deposit to an account or (2) the proposed application of any            
          payments made from an account.  Unless a financial institution              
          has actual knowledge of the existence of a dispute between                  
          depositors, beneficiaries, or other persons claiming an interest            
          in funds deposited in an account, pursuant to RCWA 30.22.120, a             

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