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          and techniques, and to participate in professional growth                   
          activities.  Some of petitioner's additional duties and                     
          responsibilities as English department chair were to assist in              
          establishing department curriculum objectives and develop a plan            
          for the implementation and evaluation of these objectives, to               
          develop innovative or experimental work and articulate                      
          instruction with various grade levels, to assist department                 
          teachers with day-to-day problems of instruction, to act as a               
          resource person for department teachers on curriculum questions,            
          and to be able to relate successfully with diverse groups of                
          students and adults.                                                        
               In 1995 petitioner enrolled in a summer course sponsored by            
          the University of California, Berkeley Extension Program (U.C.              
          Extension) entitled "Legendary Greece:  Minoans, Mycenaeans, and            
          Classical Athens" (Legendary Greece) in order to study how legend           
          grew out of historical events.  The course took place in Greece             
          from June 20 to July 8, 1995.  Petitioner paid the following                
          amounts for the Legendary Greece course and deducted the total              
          amount on her 1995 Federal income tax return as an employee                 
          business expense:                                                           
               U.C. Extension:                                                        
               Tuition, lodging, meals                 $4,140                         
               Airfare                                 1,117                          
              Two extra nights at hotel     $240                                     
               Books and airport shuttle     77        317                            
               Total                                   5,574                          

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