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          take these courses as a condition to retaining her employment as            
          a high school English teacher.                                              
               Petitioner has applied what she learned in the Legendary               
          Greece course to develop additional curriculum for her English              
          classes.  This curriculum includes the study of methods Homer               
          used to "compose" the "Odyssey" and of the historical Mycenaean             
          palace culture, in which ancient Greek tragedies were set.  In              
          addition, petitioner has added a "strand" explaining the                    
          historical and cultural roots of certain myths and legends.                 
               Petitioner has applied what she learned in the Southeast               
          Asia course to understand better her Asian students' responses in           
          class and to work more effectively with them.  Petitioner's                 
          experiences in Asia serve as a basis for further intelligent and            
          respectful discussion with her students about their cultures.               
          Petitioner also has used the knowledge she gained in the                    
          Southeast Asia course to enhance her curriculum:  Introducing               
          works written by Americans of Southeast Asian origin, discussing            
          novels with an Asian immigrant theme, and working to bring the              
          Indian epic "Ramayana" into her high school's world literature              
               In the notice of deficiency, respondent disallowed $5,676              
          and $8,125 of the deductions petitioner claimed as employee                 
          business expenses on her Federal income tax returns for taxable             
          years 1995 and 1996, respectively.  Respondent concedes that                

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