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          enhance existing employment skills.  See Boser v. Commissioner,             
               We believe that petitioner's participation in the U.C.                 
          Extension courses improved her teaching skills in a direct and              
          proximate manner.  Petitioner is able to provide specific                   
          examples of how her teaching skills were enhanced by both                   
               Petitioner's duties as an English teacher and as chair of              
          the English department entailed more than simply providing                  
          instruction in English reading and writing skills.  The mission             
          of the San Francisco Unified School District (school district) is           
          in part "to provide each student with an equal opportunity to               
          succeed by promoting intellectual growth, creativity, self                  
          discipline, [and] cultural and linguistic sensitivity".  In                 
          promoting this mission, petitioner's duties and responsibilities            
          as a teacher required her to be competent in her subject field,             
          to be involved in the development and implementation of                     
          curriculum, and to demonstrate a repertoire of teaching                     
          strategies and techniques.  A 1998 resolution of the school                 
          district provides in part that the English/language arts                    
          curriculum of the school district must "reflect the diversity of            
          culture, race, and class of the students of the San Francisco               
          Unified School District", and the required reading in high                  
          schools shall include those works of literature which are                   

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