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          referenced on college entrance examinations.  Petitioner                    
          testified that as an English teacher, she spends 9 to 12 weeks              
          out of a 36-week school year teaching Greek mythology to ninth              
          graders and that she teaches a minimum of 6 weeks of Greek drama            
          to students in the 12th grade.  Petitioner did not provide any              
          materials as evidence of the specific content of English courses            
          at Abraham Lincoln High School, nor did she explain why her ninth           
          grade English class includes the study of mythology.                        
          Petitioner's testimony, however, explaining why she chose to                
          enroll in the Legendary Greece course, illuminates the need to              
          teach mythology as part of an English class.  Petitioner                    
          testified that as an undergraduate English major, she took a                
          course in mythology so that she could become familiar with Greek            
          myths and understand the mythical allusions prevalent in                    
          literature, but she further explained that the course neglected             
          to relate the mythology to the culture or the civilization in               
          Greece.  Turning to the study of Greek drama, we understand such            
          material to be among the great works of Western literature and a            
          fundamental component in the study of world literature.  On these           
          bases and with our observations of petitioner, we find                      
          petitioner's testimony regarding the curriculum of her English              
          classes credible.                                                           

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