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               As a result of the Legendary Greece course, petitioner now             
          is able to explain the historical and cultural roots of certain             
          myths and legends which helps her to capture her students'                  
          interest and impart greater understanding of the literature her             
          students read for class.  The Legendary Greece course also helped           
          petitioner develop additional curriculum for her English classes,           
          including study of the methods Homer used to "compose" the                  
          "Odyssey" and study of the historical Mycenaean palace culture,             
          in which ancient Greek tragedies were set.                                  
               With regard to the Southeast Asia course, petitioner                   
          testified that she is now able to understand better her students            
          from Southeast Asian countries and modify her teaching approaches           
          appropriately.  Her understanding also helps petitioner introduce           
          literature written by Southeast Asian writers and enables her to            
          help students understand the themes.  Petitioner is also seeking            
          to make the "Ramayana", an ancient Indian epic poem pervasive in            
          Southeast Asia that she discovered through the course, part of              
          the world literature curriculum at her high school.                         
               In contrast to the situation in Takahashi v. Commissioner,             
          87 T.C. 126 (1986), in which we found that the taxpayers failed             
          to demonstrate a connection between their attendance at a seminar           
          in Hawaii on "Hawaiian Cultural Transition in a Diverse Society"            
          and their jobs as science teachers, petitioner is able to point             
          to tangible ways in which the Southeast Asia course improved her            

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