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               Petitioner consistently ignored corporate formalities.                 
          After the organizational meeting for Real Services, there is no             
          indication of another meeting of a board of directors.  Real                
          Services maintained no office separate from petitioner’s personal           
          address, and petitioner was its only purported employee.  There             
          is no evidence that Real Services furnished to outside parties              
          any papers relating to petitioner’s employment, such as tax                 
          withholding forms or other payroll records.  There are no                   
          meaningful corporate records; petitioner produced only three                
          handwritten documents as records of the corporation–-one                    
          indicating the costs of furnishing the E. 65th Street apartment             
          and the other two listing startup costs.  Even petitioner’s                 
          employment contract is suspect; it is a fill-in-the-blanks form             
          that contains many blanks and was executed several months before            
          the date that the hiring officer, petitioner’s companion Laura              
          C., allegedly assumed office.  We reject petitioner’s contention            
          that other corporate records were stolen; we find it much more              
          likely that such records never existed.  There is no history of             
          the declaration or payment of dividends.                                    
               No other individuals were active as officers or directors of           
          Real Services.  Petitioner exaggerated the roles played by two              
          individuals named Ted P. and Michael S. in the operation of the             
          corporation.  Petitioner, in fact, altered a document in which              
          Mr. P.’s son Brian had indicated to her that his father was not             

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Last modified: May 25, 2011