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          52-inch rear-projection television and two answering machines.              
          The rear-projection television cost her $2,902, including taxes             
          and shipping, while the answering machines cost her $210.                   
               During 1990, petitioner also received $1,400 in cash from              
          Kenny T. for the sale of a video cassette recorder for $200 and a           
          40-inch rear-projection television for $1,200.  She paid $1,400             
          for those items.  The television was returned to the business               
          from which petitioner purchased it for a credit of $1,200.  She             
          accordingly neither made nor lost money on the transactions with            
          Kenny T.                                                                    
               D. Rental Income                                                       
               Petitioner arranged a lease and sublease in her own name for           
          the apartment on W. 58th Street.  In 1990, petitioner received              
          $2,800 from an individual named Terri D. representing 4 months’             
          rent for that apartment.                                                    
          3.  Petitioner’s Business Expenses                                          
               During 1989, petitioner incurred rental expenses of $7,763             
          and an electricity expense of $302 with respect to the apartment            
          on E. 65th Street at which she conducted some of her escort                 
               During 1989, petitioner lived in the apartment on E. 77th              
          Street.  She had a room in that apartment in which she conducted            
          office business and in which escort services were occasionally              

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