Zabetti A. Pappas - Page 12

                                       - 12 -                                         
               Howard S. lived in the same apartment building as                      
          petitioner.  He became friendly with petitioner and, in 1989,               
          lent her $5,000.  On August 1, 1989, she agreed to repay that               
          amount within 60 days.  By the first quarter of 1991, petitioner            
          had repaid Mr. S. $1,300, which he acknowledged by initialing an            
          invoice to that effect.  Mr. S.’s loan was made to petitioner               
          individually, but the repayment came in the form of Real Services           
          checks.  On August 12, 1991, Mr. S. sued petitioner in both her             
          capacities; i.e., as “Zabetti Pappas, d/b/a/ Real Services                  
          * * *”, with respect to the loan.  He alleged, among other                  
          things, that he had lent petitioner $3,750 and that “to date no             
          monies have been paid back”.                                                
               John K. was a friend of petitioner’s from their college days           
          at Vassar.  Mr. K. believed petitioner possessed business acumen            
          and trusted her on the basis of their friendship.  He sought                
          petitioner out in 1990, seeking a profitable return on money he             
          wished to invest.  In March 1990, Mr. K. gave petitioner $10,000            
          to invest in real estate projects that she described.  In August            
          1990, petitioner advised Mr. K. that she had an investment                  
          opportunity that would return a profit in 30 days.  On the basis            
          of this representation, he gave her an additional $5,000 to                 
          invest.  She returned to him only $1,750, in the form of a check            
          for $1,250, dated September 19, 1990, and the payment of $500 in            
          cash.  Petitioner’s other checks to him were dishonored.                    

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