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                                       - 10 -                                         
               A check issued by Crihil I. for $1,300, made payable to                
          Jennifer R. “and/or cash” and dated November 10, 1990, was                  
          endorsed by Jennifer R. to Real Services.  On November 15, 1990,            
          petitioner deposited the check into one of her personal accounts            
          at Chemical Bank.  Jennifer R. was one of the women who provided            
          escort services to customers pursuant to petitioner’s                       
               Near the end of 1989, petitioner deposited a check for $400,           
          dated December 15, 1989, made payable to Real Services from                 
          Douglas B.  During 1990, petitioner deposited into her Chemical             
          Bank accounts two checks to cash totaling $225 from Jerrold M., a           
          check to cash for $200 from William C., and two checks payable to           
          cash totaling $140 from Takero O.  These six checks were received           
          by petitioner as payments for escort services.                              
               In connection with providing the escort services, petitioner           
          was required to pay the women who performed services for her                
               On November 10, 1990, petitioner endorsed and deposited into           
          her account a check for $500 made payable to Real Services by Raj           
          International.  This check constituted part of a loan to                    
          petitioner from Parvin S.  She repaid the loan later that year              
          with checks drawn on Real Services’ account and on her personal             

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