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          checking account at Chemical Bank in the name of Real Services.             
          At the request of Chemical Bank, her lawyer obtained an employer            
          identification number (EIN) for Real Services.                              
               Petitioner gave the name “Real Services” for use on the                
          sales slips she received when she purchased electronic equipment            
          for resale.  Instead of giving an identifying number for Real               
          Services, however, petitioner used her own Social Security number           
          when requesting exemptions from State sales tax for these                   
               Petitioner made deposits into the Real Services’ checking              
          account totaling $46,242.81 in 1989 and $73,351.08 in 1990.  In             
          October 1989, petitioner wrote a check on this account for $500             
          to her brother and another for $250 to her sister as birthday               
          presents.  The next month petitioner wrote a check on this                  
          account for $900 to pay private school tuition for the daughter             
          of her companion, Laura C., and another check to pay for Ms. C.’s           
          contact lenses.  In 1990, petitioner paid $100 for an exercise              
          class with a check drawn on the same account.  The account was              
          closed in December 1990.                                                    
               Petitioner also maintained two accounts at Chemical Bank in            
          her own name.  She deposited $2,500.00 and $2,452.61 into one               
          such account in 1989 and 1990, respectively.  Into the other                
          personal account, she deposited $12,711.48 in 1989 and $12,373.85           
          in 1990.                                                                    

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Last modified: May 25, 2011