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                                       - 14 -                                         
               C.  Electronics, Introduction Fees, Theater Tickets, and               
          Music Tape Income                                                           
               During 1989, petitioner received $10,800 from the sale of              
          electronics to, as well as the payment of introduction fees by,             
          Ted and Brian P.  Petitioner also received $7,800 from the sale             
          of electronics to Howard S. (in addition to the $5,000 loan from            
          Mr. S. noted earlier).  Petitioner’s cost of goods sold to Ted              
          and Brian P. and to Howard S. in 1989 was $5,371.                           
               In August 1989, petitioner received $300 in the form of a              
          check written to her individually by David M. The check was for             
          the purchase of tickets to the Broadway show “Phantom of the                
          Opera”.  Petitioner, as “Zabetti Pappas - REAL SERVICES”, had               
          paid $300 for these tickets.  She also received $250 for tickets            
          to the Broadway show “M. Butterfly” for which she paid the same             
          On September 18, 1989, Paul H. wrote a check to Real                        
          Services in the amount of $110, in payment for prerecorded music            
          tapes that had cost petitioner $12.  Petitioner deposited this              
          check into Real Services’s checking account.                                
               In 1990, petitioner received $3,000 for additional                     
          electronic equipment sold to Ted and Brian P.  This equipment               
          included some security devices for a warehouse rented by Ted P.             
          Petitioner’s cost for the electronic equipment totaled $2,628.              
          In the same year, Howard S. paid her $2,775 for additional                  
          electronic equipment.  The items petitioner sold him included a             

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