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               During 1989, petitioner incurred additional business                   
          expenses of $825 for office expenses, printing expenses, and                
          travel, plus $600 for business-related telephone service.  She              
          also incurred printing costs of $24 and miscellaneous costs paid            
          to contractors of $132.                                                     
               During 1989, petitioner also paid a total of $3,000 in legal           
          and professional fees to the law firm of Saltzman & Holloran and            
          to Prentice-Hall Financial Services relating to the incorporation           
          of Real Services.  She incurred additional legal expenses of                
          $1,000 in defense of charges that she was using the apartment on            
          E. 77th Street for an illegal purpose.                                      
               During 1989, petitioner, in the name of Real Services,                 
          executed a brokerage agreement in which she undertook to sell an            
          estate in Hawaii.  The sellers were petitioner’s sister and                 
          another individual.  Petitioner spent considerable sums in                  
          improving and marketing the property.  The property had been                
          recorded as belonging to their deceased father and another                  
          individual.  The efforts to sell the property were unsuccessful,            
          and it was foreclosed upon in 1991.                                         
               Petitioner incurred rental expenses of $3,600 and utility              
          expenses of $223 in 1990 for the apartment on W. 58th Street                
          which, in that year, was used in her escort business and was also           
          subleased for 4 months.                                                     

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