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          included checks totaling $460 that were dishonored, as well as              
          checks totaling $460 that were provided as replacements for the             
          dishonored checks.                                                          
               A check for $200, dated June 23, 1989, was made payable to             
          cash by Eric K. and endorsed by Jane M. for Real Services.  Jane            
          M. was one of the women who provided escort services to customers           
          pursuant to petitioner’s arrangements.  The check was deposited             
          into the Real Services’ account.                                            
               Ronald K. paid petitioner approximately $125 per session for           
          escort services she arranged on 12 to 15 occasions during the               
          years 1989 through 1990.  Additionally, in 1990, he lent                    
          petitioner $5,000, which she repaid without interest.  On two or            
          three occasions, however, she provided him with the escort                  
          services of other women in appreciation for his having lent her             
          the money.                                                                  
               In the summer of 1990, Michael L. lent petitioner $4,000 in            
          the form of a check made out to Real Services.  Two months later,           
          petitioner issued him a check in repayment for $4,800.  The check           
          was dishonored, and petitioner then repaid Mr. L. by providing              
          escort services.                                                            
               Harvey K. paid petitioner for escort services provided by              
          herself and by other women during 1990.  He visited between three           
          to four times and paid petitioner $180 per visit.                           

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