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          Petitioner offered various excuses to Mr. K. for her failure to             
          return his money, either the $10,000 or the balance of the                  
          $5,000, which he did not believe.                                           
               Mr. K.’s investments with petitioner were made in the form             
          of checks made out to Real Services, but when repayments fell               
          short, petitioner wrote to him, “I can start paying even more               
          next month * * *.  I am really trying--its [sic] just that my               
          finances are jumbled.”  Her letter made no mention of Real                  
               On or about July 24, 1990, petitioner received $5,000 from             
          Jennifer R., one of the women who provided escort services to               
          customers pursuant to petitioner’s arrangements.  Petitioner                
          executed a letter memorandum to record the $5,000 payment, which            
          stated that the money “shall be used for investment purposes” and           
          provided for a “guaranteed minimum return” of 25 percent                    
          “interest” in 1 year, on July 24, 1991.  On or about November 7,            
          1990, petitioner received an additional $10,000 from Jennifer R.            
          under similar circumstances.  Petitioner executed another letter            
          memorandum, which recorded her receipt of $10,000 that was to be            
          used “for investment purposes” and provided for a “guaranteed               
          return” of 25-percent “interest”, payable within 45 days, or by             
          December 21, 1990.  Jennifer R. died before the trial in this               

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