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          arrangement, but none of the amounts he paid petitioner                     
          constituted a fee for introducing him to that woman.                        
               Over a 10-year period that included 1989 and 1990, Jeffrey             
          F. paid between $5,000 and $15,000 to petitioner for procuring              
          escort services for his business clients.  He wrote a $200 check            
          to cash in September 1989 that petitioner deposited into the Real           
          Services’ checking account.  Mr. F. dealt with at least one other           
          escort service in addition to petitioner’s during this period.              
          He paid $1,500 to petitioner for escort services in 1989 and                
          $1,500 in 1990.                                                             
               Alexander K. issued a check for $1,200 that was made out to            
          Real Services and dated October 12, 1989.  Petitioner deposited             
          this check in the Real Services’ checking account.  Petitioner              
          had in her possession Alexander K.’s business card.                         
               Between 1989 and 1992, an individual named Richard S.                  
          availed himself of petitioner’s escort services “maybe once a               
          month but not necessarily for all that period of time.”  He paid            
          $200 per visit.  Petitioner received $2,700 in 1989 and $2,700 in           
          1990 from Mr. S. for escort services.  Mr. S. abused alcohol                
          during the period that he used petitioner’s escort services.                
               Meyer S. wrote 10 checks to cash during the first half of              
          1990 as payment to petitioner for escort services she arranged.             
          Petitioner deposited the checks into the Real Services’ checking            
          account.  The 10 checks totaled $1,450.  However, these 10 checks           

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