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          the Corporations and in the Partnership Interests.  As a result,            
          the sale to Parker of the stock in the Corporations was void.               
          Also on February 4, 2000, petitioner signed a demand promissory             
          note to repay to Parker the $100,000 that she paid to petitioner            
          pursuant to the stock sale, plus the $35,000 that Parker paid for           
          the Partnership Interests, with a 6-percent annual interest rate.           
          Petitioner was discharged from bankruptcy on August 23, 2000.               
               During 2000 through September 25, 2003, petitioner made a              
          series of payments to Parker pursuant to the promissory note, the           
          payments aggregating $28,933.23.  The record does not indicate              
          how much of these payments was interest and how much was                    
          principal; nor does it indicate how much of any principal                   
          payments was allocable to the $100,000.                                     
               Petitioner received the $100,000 from the sale of the                  
          Corporations’ stock without restrictions on his disposition of              
          the $100,000; there were not any such restrictions in effect in             

               what they are or may be lawfully entitled to shall, as to              
               such creditors, purchasers or other persons, their                     
               representatives or assigns, be void.  This section shall not           
               affect the title of a purchaser for valuable consideration,            
               unless it appear that he had notice of the fraudulent intent           
               of his immediate grantor or of the fraud rendering void the            
               title of such grantor.                                                 

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