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               Health Program to provide a responsive health program.                 
               Conducts industrial hygiene and environmental health                   
               inspections worldwide.  Writes comprehensive reports                   
               for the Safety Director, or the Senior Industrial                      
               Hygienist, with little administrative direction.                       
               2.  Inspects and monitors facilities, processes, or                    
               activities which may adversely impact employee health                  
               or the environment.  Recommends or implements measures                 
               to eliminate or alleviate hazards.  Writes                             
               comprehensive and insightful reports based on a                        
               professional evaluation of data collected during the                   
               3.  Evaluates proposals involving toxic chemicals or                   
               physical agents which may adversely effect employee                    
               health, public health, or the environment.  Recommends                 
               or implements measures to prevent anticipated hazards                  
               during construction/renovation projects.                               
               4.  Specifies equipment to protect employees, the                      
               public, or the environment from toxic chemicals or                     
               physical agents.  Specifies analytical information to                  
               monitor toxic chemicals or physical agents such as                     
               radiation, noise and heat stress.                                      
               5.  Trains employees in the use, handling and disposal                 
               of toxic chemicals and physical agents.                                
               6.  Investigates employee suggestions regarding                        
               industrial hygiene or environmental health hazzards.                   
               Recommends methods to eliminate or alleviate indoor air                
               quality concerns.                                                      
               7.  Plans and develops a system for monitoring,                        
               coordination and collating industrial hygiene data                     
               generated by the industrial hygiene contractor and/or                  
               in-house resources.  Develops an industrial hygiene                    
               management information system.                                         
               The statement of work described the “Supervisory Controls”             
          as follows:                                                                 
                    Incumbent [petitioner] works under broad                          
               administrative guidance of the Senior Industrial                       
               Hygienist, who makes work assignments in terms of                      
               projects to be accomplished and provides statements of                 

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