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          Program.  Petitioner was not permitted to enroll in the Immediate           
          Benefit Plan providing death benefits to Federal employees.                 
               During the contract periods, petitioner was not permitted to           
          park in the parking facility reserved for permanent, full-time              
          employees of the State Department.  Petitioner was not eligible             
          for (1) “Metrocheks”, although State Department employees within            
          the definition of 5 U.S.C. sec. 2105 were entitled to that                  
          benefit; (2) performance awards during the contract periods; or             
          (3) membership in the Federal employees union while employed                
          under her personal service contracts.                                       
               Petitioner did not make capital investments related to her             
          personal service contracts during the periods covered by the                
          contracts.  Petitioner worked exclusively for the State                     
          Department and had no other clients or employers.                           
               4.   Mr. Urman’s Evaluation Report                                     
               At the end of the term of the first personal service                   
          contract, Mr. Urman submitted a Contractor’s Evaluation                     
          Statement, dated July 1, 1999, wherein he evaluated petitioner’s            
          performance under the contract.  Mr. Urman stated that petitioner           
          was responsible for providing onsite and followup service to                
          overseas posts to help the posts implement effective “SHEM”                 
          programs.  As part of that activity, petitioner had visited 18              
          posts, prepared reports, and provided followup activities to                
          ensure that the posts understood and implemented her                        

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