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               policy and overall scope to guide the incumbent.                       
               Completed work is considered technically authoritative                 
               and is normally accepted without significant change.                   
               Petitioner was responsible for the quality and technical               
          accuracy of all services and work product delivered under the               
          personal service contracts.  The Government had the right to                
          inspect and test all services, and if any of the services                   
          performed did not conform with the contract requirement, the                
          Government could require petitioner alternatively to (1) perform            
          the services again in conformity with those requirements or (2)             
          take necessary action to ensure the conformance of future                   
               2.   Contracting Officer and Contracting Officer’s                     
               The personal service contracts were executed by a                      
          contracting officer on behalf of the Government.  Under the                 
          personal service contracts, the contracting officer could                   
          designate a contracting officer’s representative (COR) to take              
          action for the Contacting Officer under the contracts.  The                 
          designation had to specify the scope and limitations of the                 
          authority delegated.  Under the personal service contracts,                 
          petitioner was directly responsible to the COR.  The COR was to             
          provide assignments to petitioner, provide policy guidance,                 
          establish general priorities, and outline policy goals and                  
          objectives.  Petitioner was responsible for planning and carrying           
          out the projects.                                                           

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