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               The personal service contracts named Stephen Urman as the              
          COR.  Under Delegations of Authority and Responsibility of                  
          Contracting Officer’s Representative, the contracting officer               
          authorized Mr. Urman to:  (1) Coordinate with petitioner on all             
          technical matters, (2) give technical clarification as to the               
          meaning of the specifications including inspecting, testing, and            
          acceptance procedures, (3) inspect petitioner’s progress to                 
          assure compliance with the contract terms and conditions, and (4)           
          perform all functions necessary to accept the products or                   
          services for the Government.  The delegation precluded Mr. Urman            
          from altering or modifying the personal service contracts.  Upon            
          completion of petitioner’s work, Mr. Urman was to inspect                   
          petitioner’s work and inform the contracting officer, in writing,           
          of any deviations from contract requirements.  If there were no             
          deficiencies, a statement of satisfactory (or better) performance           
          would be appropriate.  Mr. Urman was to prepare a written                   
          evaluation of petitioner’s performance at the end of the                    
               Under the personal service contracts, petitioner was                   
          required to provide the services personally and was not permitted           
          to reassign or delegate her duties to others.  Petitioner did not           
          have any employees.                                                         
               Petitioner worked with Federal employees and other workers.            
          Petitioner did not supervise direct hire Government personnel,              

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