Ex parte STURM et al. - Page 5

          Appeal No. 97-3187                                                          
          Application No. 07/999,422                                                  

          claims 14 and 15 were added (see Paper No. 3, filed January                 
          26, 1990).  New claim 14 was directed to a decorative ribbon.               
          New claim 14 differed from proposed claim 14 in the parent                  
          application in that it required a folded edge.  New claim 15                
          was directed to a method of securing a wire filament along an               
          edge of a fabric ribbon.  New claim 15 is identical to                      
          proposed claim 15 in the parent application.                                

               The examiner required restriction (see Paper No. 5,                    
          mailed June 13, 1990) between Group I (claim 14) and Group II               
          (claim 15).  The examiner stated the inventions were distinct               
               Group I and Group II are related as process of making and              
               product made.  The inventions are distinct if either or                
               both of the following can be shown: (1) that the process               
               as claimed can be used to make another and materially                  
               different product or (2) that the product as claimed can               
               be made by another and materially different process.                   
               (MPEP 806.05(f)).                                                      
               In the instant case, the ribbon of claim 14 need not be                
               folded around the wire filament, as required by claim 15.              

               The appellants' response to the restriction requirement                
          (see Paper No. 6, filed July 3, 1990) amended claim 14 so that              


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