Ex parte GARIBAY et al. - Page 3

          Appeal No. 1997-0300                                                        
          Application 08/138,790                                                      

          through 63 of the specification, Appellants describe  how the               
          write buffer is used in performing misaligned writes.                       
          Appellants describe a misaligned write on page 59 of the                    
          speci- fication as a write where the data written to memory                 
          will overlap the memory’s eight byte boundary for a particular              
          memory address.                                                             

          Accordingly, a second write is needed for the additional                    
          infor- mation.  Appellants identify on pages 59 and 60 of the               
          specifi- cation that there is a control logic which determines              
          if the write operation will exceed the eight byte boundary.                 
          If the operation will exceed the eight byte boundary, a second              
          entry   to the write buffer will be made and this second entry              
          will be loaded with the address for the memory location where               
          the data which carries over the eight byte boundary is to be                
                    Independent claim 11 is illustrative of the                       
                    11.  A microprocessor having a data path of                       
          predetermined length that defines a memory block boundary,                  


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Last modified: November 3, 2007