Ex parte PECK et al. - Page 9

          Appeal No. 1997-2164                                                        
          Application No. 08/277,468                                                  

          enclosure."  On pages 2 and 3 of the answer, the Examiner                   
          states that Oeschger "teaches using a ceramic feedthrough                   
          block (14), having a pin brazed therein (Column 5, lines 48-                
          53), in a wall (17) of an enclosure (Column 1, lines                        
          7-10) wherein the ceramic feedthrough block is brazed (Column               
          5, lines 63-68) to a metal member sealed to the wall using                  
          brazing."  The Examiner also asserts on page 3 of the answer                
          that Oeschger teaches simultaneously brazing a ceramic member               
          to a metal member and a metal pin to the ceramic member.  The               
          Examiner asserts on page 9 of the answer that:                              
               Oeschger et al states that the brazing techniques                      
               used are "well known in the vacuum capacitor and                       
               interrupter arts."  It would be obvious to use                         
               teachings of Oeschger et al for any type of                            
               electrical package, and since Oeschger et al                           
               specifically states the brazing techniques are known                   
               for vacuum components, it would be obvious to use                      
               them for a vacuum package.                                             
          Finally, on page 9 of the answer, the Examiner asserts that                 
          brazing the ceramic directly to the metal wall "would have                  
          been obvious to one of ordinary skill in the art at the time                
          the invention was made since it is already brazed to a metal                
          member" and the prior art of record in the case supports this               


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