Oregon Statutes - Chapter 452 - Vector and Weed Control - Section 452.560 - Destruction and control of ragweed on lands owned by public bodies; failure to act; remedy.

(1) Within the ragweed control area, all public bodies including but not limited to federal and state agencies, board of county commissioners or county courts, municipalities, school districts, water districts, irrigation districts, reclamation districts or drainage districts shall destroy and control ragweed at their own expense, under the supervision of, and in accordance with the methods prescribed by the department, on any land owned by them or constituting the right of way for any highway, county road, drainage or irrigation ditch, park, easement or other public right in property under their respective jurisdiction.

(2) Upon the failure or refusal of any person, agency, public body or municipality named in subsection (1) of this section, to control and destroy ragweed, the department may give written notice by certified or registered mail at the last-known address as shown on the tax roll of the county assessor. The notice shall advise as to the presence of ragweed, shall direct that the person, agency, public body or municipality control or destroy the ragweed in accordance with method prescribed by the department, and designate the time within which control and destruction shall be completed, which time shall be reasonable, considering weather and crop conditions, with a minimum period of 15 days after mailing of notice.

(3) If a person, agency, public body or municipality named in subsection (1) of this section fails or refuses to control or destroy the ragweed as directed in the notice, the department may, by its own personnel or by other procedures authorized by ORS 452.510 to 452.590, enter upon the land and control and destroy the ragweed. The department may maintain a suit in the circuit court of the county or counties in which the work was performed against the person, public body, agency or municipality for recovery of the reasonable worth of the services, labor and materials furnished. The Attorney General or the district attorney shall represent the department in such action. [1957 c.450 §6]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008