15 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes Chapter 25 - Registered Corporations

Subchapter A.  Preliminary Provisions

Subchapter B.  Powers, Duties and Safeguards

Subchapter C.  Directors and Shareholders

Subchapter D.  Fundamental Changes Generally

Subchapter E.  Control Transactions

Subchapter F.  Business Combinations

Subchapter G.  Control-Share Acquisitions

Subchapter H.  Disgorgement by Certain Controlling Shareholders Following Attempts to Acquire Control

Subchapter I.  Severance Compensation for Employees Terminated Following Certain Control-Share Acquisitions

  • Section 2581 - Definitions
    The following words and phrases when used in this subchapter shall have the meanings given to them in this section unless the context clearly...
  • Section 2582 - Severance Compensation
    (a) General rule.--Any eligible employee whose employment is terminated, other than for willful misconduct connected with the work of the employee, within 90 days...
  • Section 2583 - Enforcement And Remedies
    (a) Notice.--Within 30 days of the control-share approval, the employer shall provide written notice to each eligible employee and to the collective bargaining representative,...

Subchapter J.  Business Combination Transactions - Labor Contracts

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