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                  Petitioner voluntarily furnished his logs to the special                             
            agents.  The fact that these logs were voluntarily furnished is                            
            an indication not only of cooperation by petitioner, but also an                           
            indication that petitioner did not know that the logs were not                             
            accurate.  Respondent argues that petitioner may have believed                             
            the notebook logs would satisfy the special agents of the                                  
            accuracy of his return, even though he knew the return to be                               
            false and, therefore, that petitioner produced the logs and                                
            permitted the special agents to photocopy them, but he must have                           
            realized his mistake in doing this when he asked the following                             
            day for their return.  It is difficult to follow this argument,                            
            since petitioner was aware when he asked for the return of the                             
            logs that they had been copied by the special agents.  Returning                           
            the logs would in no way take away the information furnished to                            
            the special agents.                                                                        
                  Respondent argues that at times petitioner stated that he                            
            prepared the logs, and at other times that they were prepared by                           
            Ms. Baird, and later prepared by his ex-wife.  The Court sees                              
            nothing misleading about these statements, since the record is                             
            clear that petitioner furnished the information and, where                                 
            needed, assisted in how it went into the logs, and the actual                              
            writing was done by Ms. Baird, and his ex-wife.  He even                                   
            explained why the two women did the actual writing by saying                               
            their handwriting was better than his.                                                     

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Last modified: May 25, 2011